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We are currently hiring for the position of  9-1-1 Dispatcher and will be offering a written examination for the position in September 2014.  Space is limited.  See the Employment section of our website for further information.


South Bay Regional Public Communications Authority is dedicated to providing prompt, efficient and cost effective emergency services to the greater South Bay area.
The SBRPCA (also referred to as the “RCC” for Regional Communications Center) is a joint powers authority currently owned by the Cities of Gardena, Hawthorne and Manhattan Beach while also providing communications services under contract to the cities of El Segundo and Hermosa Beach. The RCC processes approximately 250,000 police and fire incidents annually in the Southern California region commonly referred to as the “South Bay”.


During an emergency, police and fire responders are there to help you. However, in the event of a major disaster, police and fire personnel may find it necessary to prioritize calls in order to help those in life-threatening situations.  In order to help keep emergency responders available for those in dire need, you should prepare yourself for both major and minor emergencies for your own safety.  Emergency prepardness should be an important part of your planning.


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